This $9.99 motion sensor LED night light will help illuminate your driveway!

This $9.99 motion sensor LED night light will help illuminate your driveway!
With absolutely zero running costs thanks to the built-in solar panel, this motion sensor LED night light will help illuminate your driveway or doorway and ward off potential intruders with a bright 350 lumens!
  • Perfect for under your deck, lighting your driveway and doorway
  • Energy-efficient solar powered light with 5.5V panel
  • Motion sensor detects up to 6 – 8m away with 180° angle
  • Lasts up to 10 active hours of use on a single charge
  • Low power consumption with auto-dim mode
  • IP65-Rated water resistance with sturdy exterior
  • Built-in 3.7V lithium 1200mAh battery back-up
  • Great value 2 pack!
Activating as soon as it detects movement, this Solar Powered Wall Mounted Motion Sensor LED Light is perfect for entryways, decking and driveways so you don’t need to fumble with your keys in the dark when unlocking your front door or bringing the dog inside! Motion detection Charging throughout the day and only activating once it’s dark, this pack of sensor lights auto-dim when not in use and only illuminates when they detect motion up to 8m with a wide 180° detection angle, helping to conserve battery. No installation or running costs! Thanks to the solar-powered, wall-mounted design with a 5.5V panel, this motion sensor light has absolutely zero running costs and no setup with no hard-wiring or installation required. Simply stick it in your entryway or verandah with the included adhesive pad and watch it light up! Our Deals of the Day for other categories are also available: Beauty deal of the day: Opulent Hydration Spa Experience with Drinks and Chocolates in Broadbeach $129 Book deal of the day: Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson $24.50 Fashion deal of the day: Relaxed Linen Smock Top $50 Furniture deal of the day:Artiss Shoe Cabinet Bench Shoes Storage Rack Organiser Wooden Shelf Cupboard Box $78.95 Gaming deal of the day: Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Game & Watch System $69 Travel deal of the day: Sydney Harbour Vivid Cruise with Canapes and Drinks Packages $25 Wine deal of the day:Four-in-One Wine Chiller Stick $28

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