Promote the most restful REM sleep with the Hypnos Sleep Mask for $7.99!

Promote the most restful REM sleep with the Hypnos Sleep Mask for $7.99!
Fall into a deep, uninterrupted sleep with this fully adjustable sleep mask that offers 100% blackout and memory foam eye contours to promote the most restful REM sleep.
  • Perfect for travellers, night owls or at home!
  • 100% Blackout design for a more restful sleep
  • Adjustable, memory foam eye contours promote REM sleep
  • Fully customisable for the perfect fit
  • Suitable for back, belly and side sleepers
  • Non-slip headband and micro velcro helps the mask stay put
  • Breathable, easy to clean cotton material
Bright light has been shown to suppress melatonin production which can make you feel wide awake for longer. This can inhibit you from getting beneficial REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which is necessary for consolidating information and has been shown to improve concentration, memory and productivity. With the Hypnos Sleep Mask, you can enjoy better quality sleep at any time thanks to the melatonin building 100% blackout design and adjustable memory foam eye contours helping to relieve pressure on your eyes without inhibiting REM eye movement. The freefit adjustability ensures the mask stays put and micro-velcro helps to prevent your hair from getting snagged or tangled even when tossing and turning, while the hollow eye contours ensure makeup doesn’t smudge during midday naps. Our Deals of the Day for other categories are also available: Beauty deal of the day: Estée Lauder The Smoother Universal Perfecting Primer 30mL $45 Book deal of the day: Trust & Inspire by Stephen M. R. Covey $26.50 Fashion deal of the day: Midi Dress $34.99 Furniture deal of the day: DukeLiving Paris 2 Seater PE Rattan Outdoor Cafe Bench (White) $219 Gaming deal of the day: Riverbond (Free game!) Travel deal of the day: Vibe Hotel Hobart Moments from the Harbour with Daily Breakfast & Welcome Drinks $399 Wine deal of the day: Sweet White And Red Wine Mix Dozen Moscato Case - 12 Bottles $111

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