Pawever Pets 200 Pack Puppy Training Pads (Pink) $49.99 was $89.99 (Save 44%)

Pawever Pets 200 Pack Puppy Training Pads (Pink) $49.99 was $89.99 (Save 44%)
Prevent little accidents at home with these super-absorbent, leak-proof training pads for your puppy.
  • 6 Layers of super-absorbent polymer
  • Scented to attract dogs
  • Holds up to 4 cups (750ml) of fluid
  • Tear-resistant top layer
  • Leak-proof bottom lining
  • Soft, non-woven fabric
Puppies can go to the bathroom up to 12 times per day and when you’re training, that can lead to a lot of accidents… With the unique, scent-infused Pawever Pets 200 Pack Puppy Training Pads (Pink) you can effectively teach your pup where to go when nature calls. The unique woven design, tear resistant top and leak-proof bottom helps contain your puppies little gifts, while the six absorbent layers helps to trap liquids and neutralise bad odours, protecting your floors and making cleaning up a breeze. This great value 200 pack is also great for older pets experiencing incontinence issues.

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