Mother’s day is coming up and by the time of writing this, there is still a global pandemic at large. No matter the situation, we all still want our mothers to feel special on this day. But sometimes, we don’t have the resources to buy expensive gifts or the luxury to take them on a nice trip. Also, there are times when we feel like expensive gifts just won’t do the trick, and you think your mom would appreciate it more if you gave her something taken right from the bottom of your heart. So we’ve gathered a couple of cost-less, yet, thoughtful gift ideas for your mom for this coming mother’s day (or whatever occasion, really).

1. Photo Journal

If you don’t know what a photo journal is, it’s a photo album with narration, a diary with images, pictures in a notebook with captions, whichever one of those best puts the idea in your imagination. A photo journal would be an amazingly thoughtful gift for your mom. Print out a couple of photos or polaroids with moments of you and your mom, glue them on a notebook (whether bought, old, or a DIY notebook), and caption them with stories that would take your mom on your own personal time machine, filled with love and memories.

If you don’t have a lot of photos with your family, maybe it’s time you start collecting now for the following occasions to come! Here’s an idea on how you can start on making your photo journal. You may choose to follow a guide or do things your own way! After all, we think it would be more personal if it has your own personality on the gift for your mom to appreciate it even further!

2. Jar Full of Messages

If you don’t have enough worthy photos for a photo journal, that’s fine. Hide your photos, for now, take some more, and use them next year. You can make a jar full of messages for your mom for now. Grab a jar, some small pieces of paper, a pen, and start writing things that can make your mom smile. Here are a couple of themes for you to write about:

  • 50 Reasons Why I Love You
  • 25 Moments With You That I’ll Never Forget
  • 50 Times You Made Me Smile
  • 75 Reasons Why You’re The Best Mom Ever

You don’t have to follow these themes, they are just ideas to get your brain going and be able to think about what kind of things will really make your mom smile when she reads them.

3. Letters

Some of us don’t have time to heavily personalize gifts, and you should not feel bad about that. Less is more, right? There are still ways to make your mom feel special on their special appreciation day and nothing beats old fashioned letters. Let your mom know how much you love her, and let out all your feelings into a letter. If you can make yourself cry while writing it, you know it will make your mom’s eyes fall out from crying. Cook a meal for her and give it to her along with the letter to give it a more thoughtful boost!

4. Paint a Portrait of the Two of You

Okay, this one sounds challenging, but trust us, it’s not. You don’t necessarily have to draw like Leonardo da Vinci to do this. Grab something that you can paint on, whatever art materials you have or you can buy for a reasonable price and a picture frame. Draw something personal. They could be made up of stick figures or it could be a perfectly drawn portrait, it does not matter. What matters is the fact that it’s personal and every time your mom looks at it, it will remind her of you and the relationship that you two have.

5. Personal Art Decoration

This idea is just plain easy and beautiful. Just grab a paper that you can print on and a nice picture frame. It’s something that your mom, as well as her visitors, will get to see inside her house and appreciate every day. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Look up important events that happened on your birthday and caption it with “On this day, the best mom in the world gave birth to me,” or something a little more personal. It’s completely up to you. Aside from important events, there are also websites that show pictures of the star chart, as well as pictures from the Hubble telescope on the day of your special day.
  • Think of something that your mom usually says and make an art print out of it. Something like, “You’re always getting into trouble!” -Best Mom in the World, 2007.
  • Think of something that your mom really loves. Maybe The Beatles or maybe the art of knitting? Print out a photo of them and caption it with “My mom loves this more than me, but that’s okay, she’s still the best mom in the world.”

Obviously, there are a thousand ways for you to do this. If you feel like these ideas aren’t good enough, we are offended. Kidding. Think of something that would make your mom giggle, smile, or cry when she sees it. If you can’t think of anything, I’m not sure if you should be giving her a gift at all because you seem like a terrible child anyway. Kidding, again. Maybe.

6. Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

Moms love indoor plants. Why not DIY your own hanging plant holder?  This will give the home a spruce up and also remind her of you as the plant grows.

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