New Dealstar Logo

One of these days, we were having coffee and someone randomly shouted, “Yo, we have had the same look for Dealstar for a year”. Eyebrows were collectively raised. And we were like “We can’t do this to our Dealstars, its tough as it is hand-picking the best online deals and bargains on the internet, and to do that on an outdated site??  they need some eye candy when they come to us”.

So, we went through a brand refresh. We’ll spare you the details but while we don’t mind shamelessly flaunting ourselves, the classy spaceship kind of logo still edged ahead of the funky colourful one. Not to worry we have the funky logo in our back pocket in case customer sentiment on our branding goes south.

Feedback button

So we had a moment of rest until someone was like “What if they don’t like the new logo?” so we thought, we owe it to our Dealstars. They should be able to voice their concerns. Not everyone loves brand refreshes. If anything most Australian Brand refreshes that we remember have actually been detrimental to the company. Lucky for us, we are not a huge brand ….. yet!

So we have added a Feedback button. It sits just here on the left of this as a little tab. Click it and go into a magical journey of making change to this site. You provide us with feedback and the monkeys will “try” to make those changes. We already gave them typewriters so we are expecting some real changes. Go ahead, we’ll be here while you provide your feedback.

View Deals by Stores

So we finally got a weekend resting and planning new things so during the weekday we got busy trying to find ways to better provide you with deals and ways of finding the best deals.

One thing we thought would be cool, is to view deals by stores. We kind of had that functionality in the past but didn’t look great. So we have revamped that and now you can see all the deals from your favorite store in a single page.

Here are some examples:

We have also added a stores page to list all the popular stores in our site

Social Media Integration

The interns at the office love Instagram, and there was a rumour that we were intentionally not posting there coz of reasons. Little did they realize that instagram is a lot of work to post and keep track of all the conversations and whats happening and not. But how long can you stay away, after all billions of people use the platform.

So we decided to put some resources and take them seriously. We are now on instagram and also twitter.

You don’t even need to visit our site anymore to keep on track of the deals. Let them come to you o wise one.

And if you are on Android, we actually have an app as well