Who doesn’t like a bargain during Christmas

Initially we had planned the updates to be every 3 months but after a massive update at Feb, we rested on our laurels a bit, netflix and chilled and went out in the sun and enjoyed life a bit. And then one day we ended up in Coles and there were xmas decorations everywhere and we were like “Holy Guacamole, its almost xmas and we still had some plans for our site. this is not gucci!!” so we decided to get back in the cave and roll out some new updates for our site… because we care for our visitors and we can only give them a A experience for so long. We thought its time to up the ante and deliver the A+. It’s amazing what a team of devs can do within a week without any sleep or food.

So here are the list of new improvements


This is probably our biggest update to the site. DealStar is all about saving you money. We are not just trying to save you money now, we are trying to give you stuff for free as well (thanks to our partners). We are starting the Giveaways with a Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwach from our friends at GearBest. Please visit the Giveaways page, subscribe to our newsletter and tell us why you want the watch for your chance to win this amazing watch.

Click here to view DealStar Giveaways

Store specific pages

We have finally built store specific deal pages. So you like big w? you love kmart? or you a gearbest fan? you can now go to the top store pages and view all the deals and bargains for those pages in the store page. To see please visit any deal and click at the bottom of the page.

Weekly Most Popular Online Deals

We have now introduced a Weekly most popular Deals section on our category pages. So you could go to our Fashion and Clothing Deals page  and see what everyone has been looking at/clicking on the last week on the right hand side.

Better Look and Feel

Yes the site has worked but didn’t look really great, specially the inside pages. Initially we just wanted the sites ready and live so we pushed it out, now we do a look and feel update every time we push out an update.


Did you know that we are now rolling out forums? Yes, you can not just look at deals and save money but you can now talk to like minded people and discuss more about the deals, stores and other general stuff.

Hope you like these updates, and please let us know your feedback