Top 20 Ways to Save Money Online

Thanks to the internet that we are able to access lots of opportunities to make money online. So if you’re dead worried about being just a lazy bum on your house without any no job to do or have decided to make some changes in your life, this guide will help you through. Provided below are some of the best ways you can do to hand yourself some bucks all just by being online and working at the comfort of your own home.

Be a freelancer.

Among the best ways to earn money online is to check out for jobs in online freelancing websites like Upwork and Hubstaff. Discover what freelance jobs are available and consult whether or not your skills can accommodate the given requirements. As you become well-versed with the environment and perform outstandingly, you’ll start gaining attention from clients and become quickly handed with job offers.

Do an online survey

Online surveys are slowly becoming popular nowadays especially among students who find nothing to do with their spare time. A minute of answering survey forms and testing new market products can already award you to at most £3 ($5).

Start your own website

If you are interested of having a passove income, why not engage in building your own website? Starting your own website can take only up to 20 minutes and not to mention that you hardly spend anything. When you reach enough traffic, chances are, advertisers will start sponsoring your website and at the same time, hand you some cash.

Trade in the online market

Investing in stock market and currencies are no longer just limited to the brick-and-mortar world but can already be done virtually. Many online market trading sites are now available to allow you see, control, and manage your investments.

Visit ‘get paid’ websites

Similar to online surveys, ‘get paid’ sites reward you cash and vouchers just by fulfilling offers and other activities online.

Review websites and softwares

If you think are born a critic, then it’s time for you to engage on reviewing websites and newly released softwares. All you need to do is to find for the right platform to pay you for your review services. Generally, you can earn to at most $10 (£6.50) just by taking some minutes in providing these sites and applications some rooms for improvement.

Search the web

Some online paying sites such as Qmee provide opportunities for individuals to make some cash just by searching entries in renowned engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Publish an ebook

If you are good in writing or researching, you can visit eBook stores and start publishing your works online. Aside from being a great past time and having a chance to get discovered, you can also make some cash out of it.

Engage in affiliate marketing

If you have already established a good presence in social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, you can make money by promoting companies, advertisers, sites, products and services online.

Receive cashbacks from shopping

There are many cashback websites you can visit for shopping which pays you commission for certain volumes of shopped items. It does not only make money but allows you to save one as well.

Review soundtracks

Another way to earn cash on the internet is by reviewing soundtracks. Sites such as Slicethepie, can offer to as much as $40 for reviewing unsigned bands and artists online.

Sell your gradeschool notes

Believe it or not, many students nowadays are looking for notes taken by old schoolers to serve as their references in their homeworks and exam reviews. While helping them, you can also find it a great way to make an income.

Join online competitions

This one might not be that fully-guaranteed, but if you win one you’ll surely live like a millionaire. The so-called ‘compers’ in United Kingdom, make up to an average of £50,000 a year through all sorts of competitions.

Be a mystery shopper

Many agencies are available online to pay you in visiting shops and restaurants to provide them your feedback and suggestions.

Buy and sell domain names

You can also earn cash by simply buying domain names, or simply unused website addresses, and selling them for a higher commercial value. Snap them up and have them listed on domain buying and selling sites such as Sedo.

Sell secondhand books

Instead of bringing your old books into trash bins, why not hold them for sale? There are many retail stores available online to list out your student items and have them purchased.

Sell your CDs, games and movies

Selling your old CDs and collections are a quick way to earn a handful of bucks in your pocket. Just imagine how much you’ll earn given that you can sell them to at most £10 per item, not to mention that you can always have them duplicated for more profit.

Monetize your education

With internet, you can always share your knowledge and experiences to other students, with a price. Thanks to online tutorial sites like Udemy and Superprof that you can list yourself, have one-on-one online tutorial courses, and get paid from the services you offer.

Sell photos

Much like other items, there are also websites through which you can sell your photos. If you have a passion for photography and think that you can always play with good shots and creativity, you can always begin with startup sites like Fotolia and istockphoto.

Be a video blogger

With the introduction of the Youtube Partner Program, individuals who love to share their knowledge and expertise through videos find themselves earning hundreds of dollars per month. Depending on the number of views, you can receive a percentage in every advertising revenue Youtube collects from your video.

There are many other creative ideas you can delve on to start making money online. In fact, with technology becoming more advanced than ever, it is impossible for you not to find one.