While this article is being written, the coronavirus pandemic is currently keeping the world inside their homes. During a lockdown, it is important to keep your kids learning. We have gathered 15 activities for kids of all ages that are available online to keep them engaged in a fun, playful, 21st century way of learning during this time. Although this article is written with the lockdown in mind, you can make your kids do these activities anytime you want. Have fun and remember to set goals with your kids and keep them motivated by giving them incentives every time they accomplish a goal!

1. Seussville

Seussville is a Dr. Seuss inspired place that provides kids with games, children’s recipes, videos, crafts, printables, and more that use “Seussian ideas” to help engage your kids into playful learning. The website is colorful and filled with creative images that are surely attractive to kids and will interest their minds. Visit them at https://www.seussville.com/

2. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a fun way to help your kids learn about nature, history, animals, and other sciences in a very fun and engaging way. If you have been dying to teach your kids history but they are simply not interested, this is a good way to help them start. They have all sorts of activities and even quizzes to help your kids absorb what they are learning about. Visit them here: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

3. TIME for Kids

Who said TIME magazine is exclusive to adults? Help your kids to learn about politics, sports, entertainment, and many more by introducing them to this website. Let them be aware of what’s happening to their surroundings no matter how young they are, and help build their characters into becoming good citizens of tomorrow. (As of April 2020, TIMEforKids is offering their digital library for free for the rest of the school year to give kids access to learning while education systems are disrupted.) Visit them here: https://www.timeforkids.com/

4. BBC History for Kids

If you think your kids are ready for a little more history action, then BBC History is the perfect website for them to gain access to these learnings. World history? Asian history? Resources to aid your kids’ learning? They got it! They also have an “On This Day” feature for your kids to find out what important things in history happened today. Although their website is already archived and no longer being updated, there’s still plenty of info for you kids to dive into. Visit them here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/forkids/

5. Highlight Kids

Highlight Kids is the perfect venue for your kids to learn all sorts of stuff from exploring their talents to helping them build their skills, both academically and non-academically! They even let your kids ask questions, share stuff, and help them understand humor with some jokes. Visit them here: https://www.highlightskids.com/

6. Math Playground

If Math is your children’s thing, or you simply want to help them develop their math, then Math Playground is a very good website to exercise your kids mathematical skills. They have all sorts of activities to help your kids learn and experience math in a fun and easier way including logic, games, and stories. Visit them here: https://www.mathplayground.com/

7. National Gallery of Art Kids

Now, if art is your children’s thing, and you know nothing about art or you just want them to learn in a kid-friendly way, worry not because there is also a way for you to guide their arts learning through the National Gallery of Art Kids’ website and application. They allow you to borrow resources from them so that your kids may learn art in the best way that they can. Visit them here: https://www.nga.gov/education/kids.html

8. San Diego Zoo Kids

A lot of kids are normally fascinated with the beauty of nature and animals. Help them explore that fascination without the need to go to a zoo or an animal sanctuary through the San Diego Zoo Kids’ website which is filled with facts about animals that will help develop your kids’ knowledge about animals through creative experiences. Visit them here: https://kids.sandiegozoo.org/

9. Arcademics

Do your children have short attention spans or do you want them to learn how to engage in playful, competitive, academic activities? Arcademics will be good at helping you with both. Arcademics combine the excitement of video games and educational learning to help your kids become more involved and focused on learning. Since kids today are bound to love video games anyway, why not use them in a good way? Visit them here: https://www.arcademics.com/

10. Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is the perfect way to engage your 8-13-year-old gamer kids. It’s an educational MMO Role Playing Game that teaches your kids about language, mathematics, science, and social studies. Although the game is not free, they have a 1-month free trial (after that, it’s $9.99USD per month). Visit them here: https://www.adventureacademy.com/?src_tag=aff::cj&cjevent=30d49850831f11ea8092044d0a180514

11. Sesame Street by Sesame Workshop

The younger kids will surely love this Sesame Street themed learning. Guide your young ones into learning numbers, alphabets, nursery rhymes, and more when you log in into the world of Sesame Street and allow Elmo and the gang to teach them! Visit them here: https://www.sesamestreet.org/

12. Nick Jr.

Another set of activities that your young ones won’t be able to take their eyes away from! Let them learn music, numbers, puzzles, and shapes while bonding with their favorite characters from Blue’s Clue’s, Paw Patrol, Dora the Explorer, and more through videos and games! Visit them here: http://www.nickjr.tv/

13. Disney Junior 

Of course your children’s fun, home, learning will not be complete without the company of Mickey Mouse and his friends. They have coloring books, dress up games, and plenty of other stuff to stimulate your child’s creative behavior. Visit them here: https://lol.disney.com/games/disney-junior-games

14. Steven Spangler Science

Kids are most likely to be curious about science experiments. They love discovering things first-hand. Give them that experience by exploring possible science projects for your kids in the Steven Spangler Science website. They have easy, do-able, experiments that you can try at home and they’re also selling kits for your kids to explore. Visit them here: https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiment-library/

15. 123HomeSchoolForMe.com

Of course, nothing beats some good, old worksheets for your kids. After all, they should not be spending all their time in front of a gadget. Help them explore math, language, and some history through printable worksheets available from 123HomeSchoolForMe’s website. Visit them here: https://www.123homeschool4me.com/home-school-free-printables/

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