Free and Cheap Valentine Day Ideas

Ah, valentine’s day…. a day set aside to celebrate loved ones and show them just how special they mean to you. The day comes with challenges, everyone trying to top what they did the year before, trying to show that they still feel the same way about their partners. There’s nothing wrong with this in itself, however, the focus of valentine’s day and its gifts has been more on how much money was spent on the gifts, rather than the thought behind it. You can still be very thoughtful without breaking the bank, and as the popular saying goes “the best things in life are free”. With that in mind, here are some valentine’s day ideas that are sure to make your spouse blushing without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Do acts of service to each other
  • Read “Things I Love About You” Book together
  • Set your mobile phones aside for 24 hours and give each other full attention
  • Write each other hand written letters
  • Setup a nice indoor plant for your partner
  • Write secret notes for your partner and leave it where they will find it and be surprised
  • Cut some flowers from your garden and put it in a vase for your partner
  • Make food for your partner and use some edible flowers
  • Make a DIY gift basket of some cheap but useful items
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Sign up for a Couple’s Dance Class, usually first lessons are free
  • Sign up for a Couple’s Cooking Class
  • Have a nice picnic in the afternoon or under the moonlight if the night is warm
  • Setup a home movie night and watch a romantic movie
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride around a lake
  • Do a retro Movie Night at a drive in
  • Go for a high rated but cheap local restaurant
  • Tour The Hidden Sights Of Your City
  • Plana Day Out doing things that you both love
  • Bake some Homemade Treats for your partner
  • Roll out the table covers, lay down the cutlery and create A Restaurant Feel At Home
  • Play Valentine’s Day Games for couples
  • Get some tarot Cards and tell love fortunes
  • Have some drinks and D&M late into the night
  • Reminisce Of Special Moments together
  • Createa Photo Album Highlighting Special Moments Of The Relationship
  • Plan a Couples Spa Date
  • Go for a couples bonding sports like bowling
  • Make your partner breakfast In Bed
  • Go for a DIY Wine Tasting tour and get drunk silly
  • Give you partner a nice relaxing massage
  • Tap into your inner photographer and stage A Homemade Photoshoot
  • Go on a Hike, achieving something together brings couples together
  • Play Board Games at Home
  • Have a few drinks and do a Karaoke session At Home
  • Volunteer Together for a good cause
  • Order some pizza, put some movies on and enjoy a good night in
  • Visit Museums Or Galleries Together, you are sure to find a few museums and galleries which are free entry
  • Do a Homemade Trivia Night
  • Buy some bath bombs and setup a Bubble Bath For Two
  • Get some wine, put on some Bob Ross and paint it, put your own twist on it
  • Create a playlist or the new age mixtape
  • Do a DIY Project In The House
  • Get a 1000 piece puzzle and both try and finish it
  • Lay-In Bed the whole day
  • Wear Costumes and just be silly
  • Binge Watch a Series that you both love together
  • Read Together and to each other
  • Put on some jams and workout Together
  • Find a free concert and visit there
  • Go to a nice coffee shop and have some coffee and pastries
  • Visit an Arcade and play some games
  • Share a Milkshake
  • Play Mini Golf
  • Explore a Previously Unexplored Part Of Your City
  • Go For a long drive and pack some lunch
  • Watch the Sunset at a coastal area
  • Look at The Stars at night
  • Rent a Boat and go fishing

These are just some of the great valentine’s day gift ideas you can use to show your partner that you care without having to mortgage your home. Any one of these ideas listed above is sure to pull at the heartstrings of your partner, so give it a try.

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