Ovela Moderno 8 Piece Stackable Non-stick Cookware Set $55.99 (Was $189)

Ideal for the modern kitchen, this sleek cookware set features innovative removable handles for a space-saving, stackable design. A double non-stick coating lets you cook with much less oil, for healthier meals.

  • Double-layer of non-stick coating
  • 2 detachable handles for easy stacking – save heaps of cupboard space!
  • Includes adjustable silicone lid for saucepans
  • Use on all cooktops including induction cookers
  • Oven-safe (minus handles)

Whether you want to maximise storage in your kitchen, caravan or campsite, the Ovela Moderno 8 Piece Stackable Non-stick Cookware Set is your answer.

Bake, boil, roast and fry more healthily as the non-stick coating allows you to use less butter and oil whilst still achieving the perfect flavour. It also makes cleanup a breeze – leftovers just wipe right off.

The two removable handles allow the pots and pans to be stacked – economising on cupboard space, so no more fighting with doors and drawers!

The handles clamp effortlessly on, and the vice-like grip remains secure no matter how heavy your pot gets.

The set is suitable for all conventional cooktops, whether you cook on a gas, electric, ceramic, glass or induction stove; and can even be used in the oven – just take the handles off first.

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