Hyundai Evaporative Cooler 7.5L (White) $209 was $299.99 (Save 30%)

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Silently purifying and cooling the air in your home, this Hyundai Evaporative Cooler effortlessly transforms hot and dry air into a refreshing breeze so you can escape the sweltering humidity outside.

  • 65W of Hyundai-quality evaporative cooling
  • Captures dust particles to help purify the air
  • 3 Modes and 4 speeds with left to right oscillation
  • Built-in timer up to 8 hours
  • 7L Removable water tank
  • Compact design easily transportable from room to room
  • Water pump protection and honeycomb filter drying function

Circulate air around the room with the Hyundai Evaporative Cooler’s three versatile fan modes and four speeds, oscillating from left to right to quickly and quietly break the stifling heatwave inside of your home.

Cleaner, cooler air

The Hyundai Evaporative Cooler 7.5L helps protect your family by trapping leftover nasty pollen, dust particles and respiratory stress triggers through the evaporative cooling process.

Honeycomb filter drying function

The unique honeycomb filter design directs and mixes more air through the wet honeycomb filter and pad to help evaporate the water quickly, resulting in cooler, more moisturised air and a dryer honeycomb filter.

Water pump protection

Unlike traditional evaporative coolers that just continue to try and pump water when the filter is blocked, this Hyundai evaporative cooler features pump protection to automatically stop the pump rather than flooding.

8 Hour timer

Set a timer for the cooler to turn off while you’re sleeping or turn the Hyundai evaporative cooler’s fan on before you arrive home from work, helping to put a dent in your energy bills and cut down on your energy consumption.

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