Hyundai DC Motor Extra Slim Tower Fan $119.99

When there’s a heatwave outside, you don’t want your house to feel like an oven! Enjoy a refreshingly cool breeze inside when outside is sweltering with the incredibly compact and powerful Hyundai DC Motor Extra Slim Tower Fan.

  • Incredibly slim 15W tower fan
  • Ultra-quiet and energy-efficient DC motor
  • 7 Speeds, 3 wind modes and 80° oscillation
  • Built-in timer up to 12 hours
  • Easy to operate LED display and remote control
  • Compact design easily transportable from room to room

Easy to set up with no hefty installation costs, the Hyundai DC Motor Extra Slim Tower Fan is the ultimate cooling solution for small to medium spaces, providing 15W of powerful cooling with 80° oscillation and a compact design for convenient storage.

Easy operation

With an LED display control, adjustable airflow, seven-speed options, three modes and a built-in timer for intervals of cooling, you can effortlessly achieve your desired temperature.

Cut down on energy use

Set a timer for the cooling to turn off while you’re sleeping or turn the cooler on before you arrive home from work, helping to put a dent in your energy bills and cut down on your energy consumption.

Space-saving design

Thanks to its ultra-slim design, the Hyundai DC Motor Extra Slim Tower Fan is suitable for use in any room without taking up too much space, and can be easily packed away when you’re done using it!

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