Coles Supermarket half price or more deals for this week July 03rd

Here are the best weekly Australian coles supermarket deals for this week.
Supermarket catalogs come out every week.
Usually new deals start on Wednesdays for Coles and Woolworths (woolies). The dealstar team will comb through these catalogs and find items that are at least 40% off.
We are only going through Coles and Woolies catalogs for now but intend to add other supermarkets in the near future.

Coles Weekly Grocery specials and half price items

Here are the best deals from Coles Supermarket for this week. All the deals listed below are at least 40% off.

Grocery Item Original Price New Price Savings Percentage Off
Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits 160g-200g $3.65 $1.82 $1.83 50%
Mars Medium Funsize 144g-216g $4.6 $2.30 $2.3 50%
Arnott’s Shapes Crackers 160g-190g $3.2 $1.60 $1.6 50%
Old El Paso Soft Taco Kit 405g $6.5 $3.25 $3.25 50%
Golden Crumpet Breaks 6 Pack $4.2 $2.10 $2.1 50%
Hans Twiggy Sticks $30 $15.00 $15 50%
President Double Brie or Camembert 200g $10 $5.00 $5 50%
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