50% OFF Kogan Full HD Dash Camera Video Recorder with ADAS $69 (Was $139)

Get crystal clear footage of events as you drive and have an eyewitness record in the unfortunate case of an accident.

  • Keep an eyewitness record of accidents
  • Avoid potential insurance fraud
  • Recording starts automatically when the car is turned on
  • Even works well at night
  • Added lane departure, low light and driver fatigue warnings
  • Clear LCD display for easy operation and playback
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • Continuous loop recording so you never run out of memory
  • Peace of mind

With the Kogan Full HD Dash Camera Video Recorder on your dashboard, all events during your drive get recorded automatically so that you have an eyewitness record to support you in case an accident ever takes place.

Records in Full HD

Fine details like license plate numbers, facial features and street signs are all captured with the clarity of 2560 × 1080p resolution, leaving no room for doubt.

Loop recording

This camera is capable of overwriting old content with loop recording saving you the trouble of having to replace your memory card frequently.

For content that you’d rather preserve than overwrite, simply press the MENU button to save and lock the current and previous files as READONLY files. The next time the camera is in cyclic recording mode, it will not rewrite over these files.

Built-in security features

Not only does this camera provide you with an eyewitness account in case of accidents, it also does its bit to prevent accidents with safety features like motion detection, lane departure warnings and driver fatigue warnings.

Overall, installing this camera in your car lets you drive with a peace of mind like never before!

Micro SD card not included.

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