Where to find a used car?

Where to Find a Used Car

Buying a used car is one thing, but finding where to buy a proper used car is another. 

Luckily for you, we are now in the digital age where everything can be found with a blink of an eye. 

But which are the best ones? Let’s take a look at some of your possible options!

Finding used cars from private sellers and car dealers

Finding used cars from private sellers and car dealers is an easy thing nowadays! But if you want to explore all the best options that you have, here are some places on the internet that offers features that helps you find great used cars and even help you in your decision making journey!


Carsales is Australia’s top buy and sell marketplace for cars!

In Carsales, you can find whatever car you’re looking for from sedans to convertibles to SUVs and even light trucks!

What’s great with Carsales is that they have a whole network of marketplaces for other types of vehicles such as caravancamplingsales for your caravan needs, bikesales for your bike/motorcycle needs, boatsales for your boat needs, and etc! 


While Gumtree is not made just specifically for buying and selling cars, it’s also a good place to find used cars! 

They have advanced filters such as allowing you to filter results based on their Green rating if environmental friendliness is highly important to you and ANCAP rating if safety is your number one priority!

Gumtree also shows you cars that are available for swapping/trade-in which is a great feature if you have an old car that you’re also trying to get rid of.


Drive is also another car marketplace that you’re going to love! 

While Drive seems like your typical car marketplace at first, it offers you a lot of advanced filters that you never knew you needed such as drivetrain, number of doors, seating capacity and etc!

Drive also has a feature that gives you the estimated value of your previous car that you’re interested in selling called “What’s my car worth?


Yet another car marketplace that seems like everyone else, Autotrader offers you more features that you never knew you needed!

Aside from allowing you to search for new and used cars, Autotrader also aides your car buying research further by giving you ideas about the dimensions and car towing capacity of car models that you’re interested in.

This could help you figure out if the car you’re buying would fit in your garage and lots of other purposes!

Finding repossessed cars

Some people prefer buying repossessed cars because of the pros that they offer. Here’s where you can find repossessed cars inside the comfort of your home!


While Pickles does not sound like a name where you can find great repossessed cars, trust us, it is!

Pickles offers to help you find repossessed cars that are being auctioned near your area! But if you’re interested in seeing auctioned cars all over Australia, it’s still a possible option as they allow you to browse through all their catalogues. 

Pickles also sell cars on behalf of institutions such as Mercedes-Benz financial services, GE Money, Macquarie Leasing, Toyota Financial Services, National Australia Bank, and etc!

Online Auctions Group

Online Auctions Group is a pretty straightforward website that shows you repossessed cars available for auction in your area.

They don’t offer a lot of complex filters or features but the great thing about Online Auctions Group is that they have a blog that educates you about car auctions if you’re new to the whole thing!

Overall, OAG is simple and effective!

Lloyd’s Auctions

Lloyd’s auctions is not an exclusive auction site for cars, but they still offer you a lot of car options to choose from! (Even boats if you’re into them!)

You might even find yourself looking at some automotive accessories that you might be able to use in your soon-to-be vehicle. 

Just take a look at their current auctions if you’re interested in bidding right away! But if you’re not ready for that yet, or you’re just trying to prepare for a future potential purchase, you may check out their upcoming options.