Things to check when doing a test drive

Buying a car is not as easy as it looks. If you really want to get the most out of your money, you are going to want to do all sorts of tests to it before buying it to make sure that everything about it is perfect for your needs, especially if you’re buying a used car!

Here are some things that you should check when doing a test drive!

Things to check when test driving a brand new car

When buying a brand new car, there’s not really that much that you have to check aside from checking if the car you’re test driving has all the features that you’re looking for. 

Here are things that you have to do:

Ask the salesperson to showcase all the features of the car before test driving

To make sure that the car you’re about to test drive is suited for all your needs, ask the salesperson to show you all the features that it has from the engine to the trunk space and down to those cup holders that you really need for your morning coffee while driving to work. 

Check if the car is comfortable

Are you tall? Get behind the wheel and check if you can fit in perfectly inside the car. 

Are you short? Get behind the wheel and check if the car is not too big for you or make sure that the seats are adjustable so that you can reach the pedals.

Check if the way the car is built is comfortable for you and if all the features are easily accessible. 

Drive and see if you love the car

Unlike with a second-hand car, when buying brand-new, you don’t have to worry about hidden problems on the vehicle. All you really have to do is start driving and see if you love driving the car!

Things to check when test driving a used car

Test driving a used car is much more complicated than test driving a brand new car because there are more things that you have to inspect before seeing if it’s in it’s really still in a good condition. 

The things mentioned in the brand-new test driving list is also applicable here, but here are some additional things that you have to do:

Bring an experienced driver with you

If you’re not an experienced driver, make sure that you bring an experienced driver or a trusted mechanic with you when test driving a used car.

Used cars come with plenty of risks as you have no idea what the real condition of the car you’re looking at is. Bringing an experienced person with you will help you inspect the car more thoroughly and keep your risks very low. 

Here’s a list of some of the things that you should check outside the hood of the car:

Registration papers

Ask for the registration papers and check its validity. 

Also, check if the plate numbers on the car and the numbers on the registration papers are the same. You can never be too careful!

Check the odometer/mileage

Odometer tampering is illegal, but you can’t stop everyone from breaking the law. Inspect the car for signs of odometer tampering.

If the dealer/seller is saying that the mileage of the car is very low, check if the steering wheel and pedals are not worn out. If it is, then that might be a sign that the odometer of the car has been tampered with.

Check the tires

Inspect the tires for cracks and check if the manufacturing date of the tires and make sure that they are not older than 5 years old. If they are, those tires are already considered “expired” and may endanger you once you start driving it!

Check if everything is working properly

  • Make sure the seats can be adjusted properly
  • Radio, Bluetooth, media player, etc. is working the way it’s supposed to work
  • Seatbelts are functional
  • Doors are working fine
  • All other buttons inside the car are working properly
  • Pedals, steering wheel doesn’t have problems when in use

If you find that some of the functions of the vehicle are not working as advertised by the dealer or as said by the seller, but you’re fine with them as long as the problems are minor, you may ask them for a discount! (Including when the tires are already bound for a replacement!)